Free Stuff

Giveaways free stuff? You've come to the right place. From time to time, we will be doing giveaways and giving our followers free stuff just for following and liking our social media pages.

First Free Giveaways
Free Stuff

Says DJR:

As you guys know we didn’t reach our goal on the post it only got 2500k+ likes and 680 comments. But because I am hoping to increase engagement in the future, we are going to do a small giveaway for now. The prize are these 2 Urbeats Headphones one in pink and one in white. Only 1 winner takes both. All you need to do is:

1. subscribe to my YouTube channel
2. Turn on my YouTube notifications
3. Like 1 video

We have a Winner

Congratulations to A. Kruse from Brandon, Florida. She is the winner of two Urbeats by Dr. Dre. Stay tuned for more giveaways and free stuff. 

The winner could be you.

More Giveaways
Free Stuff

Hey my awesome friends, we are doing yet another giveaway. For everyone who does the following:

1. Follow me on Instagram and turn on my post and story notifications 

2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel in bio and turn on my YouTube notifications

3. Shout me out on your Instagram page saying “follow @darkjosephravine for amazing giveaways and entertainment and be sure to turn on post and story notifications”. You must tag me @darkjosephravine and use my hashtag #darkjosephravine. You may repost my photos if you want but please ask permission first and say you were given permission on post to do so.

You will be entered into a draw to win an Acer Chromebook. Must dm me all proof. If you have already completed steps 1 and 2 be sure to dm me that you have already completed those steps. As for step 3 post must remain on page for at least 24 hours. If you choose to keep it up for longer that’s up to you.

Winner will be announced October 14th. Please also dm if you have any questions or concerns.