Instagram Marketing Techniques

Instagram marketing techniques have changed over the years, especially in the field of marketing. There are many exciting new ways you can market your product and service on Instagram. If you plan on marketing your brand on Instagram, go through the Instagram marketing techniques mentioned below.

Overview of Instagram Marketing Techniques

1.      First Look Best Look

The first thing you’re bound to look at when you open somebody’s Instagram profile is their bio and profile picture. Use the bio option to mention what you do in a few words, try not to add a too detailed bio as it can get boring. Make sure to use an engaging brand logo for your profile picture and include a link to your official website where users can avail your products and learn about your services.

2.      Invite Followers

It is important to have a high follower count for your profile to go viral. You can send emails to your subscribers. You should also follow similar pages, just like your brand, and follow a few people from your target audience. Your profile will slowly start to grow, and the number of followers will gradually increase.

3.     Regular Posting

It is important to stay active on Instagram by posting a few times a week. The more posts you share, the more aware your followers will be. Make sure your posts are engaging and persuasive enough to keep your followers entertained.

4.      Live on Instagram

Use the live feature on Instagram to connect with your followers. This way you can answer their questions face to face and can ask them for any suggestions. The more you go live on Instagram, the more connected and comfortable your followers will be with you and your brand.

5.      Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a way to search for specific things and profiles. The more hashtags you use for your captions, the quicker and easier it will be for people to find your brand. Make sure your hashtags are unique and engaging at the same time.

6.      Active Stories

Upload different videos that showcase people using your product or service on Instagram stories. You can also add a poll or ‘ask me a question’ feature on your story. Many people prefer to view stories than to keep on scrolling through their never-ending Instagram feed.

If you use these Instagram marketing techniques, you will see how smoothly your product and service come into being. These techniques are bound to ensure the success of your specific brand, so don’t forget to make use of these. For extra help with promotion, contact our team at

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