Hello, my name is Dark Joseph Ravine. I am currently the Guinness World record holder for the longest line of redemption tickets.

Browse through my website to see how this was accomplished. It took two tries and you will find details by clicking Guinness World Record Take One and Guinness World Record Take Two on the left navigation bar.

I am now doing giveaways of some of the prizes I win at the arcades. Most prizes are electronics. See some of them are featured on the right side and on the bottom of this post. Subscribe to my newsletters to keep informed about my giveaways. 

Dark Joseph Ravine's
Favorite Arcade Places

On the navigation bar, you will find some of my favorite arcade places in North America. I have reviewed some of these places if you want to visit them.

Niagara Falls is one of my favorite destinations and you can't beat the Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill for arcade fun. With a variety of games and prizes, it promises hours of enjoyment for the whole family. Along with bowling, several pool tables and a restaurant on the premises, and now with go-karting, Clifton Hill is second to none. Click the Niagara Falls Clifton Hill link on the left for more information. 

Travelling to Florida? Check out In the Game at Sawgrass Mills Mall. Great mall, great arcades! More details on the navigation link on the left.

More to Come

Stay tuned as I journey to different arcade places like I Play America in New Jersey, Rocky's in Buffalo or Game Time in Florida. Every arcade place has its own flavor. I will post various arcade features of these journeys. 

I will also post about upcoming giveaways and contests. Stay tuned for new features, blog posts and more. I enjoy travelling and will write about various sites worth seeing along the way.   

Winners of my giveaways will be posted on my social media. I have a variety of prizes to give away, usually electronics. The higher the engagement, the greater the prize. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter below to stay informed.


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