Guinness World Record: Take Two.

After our first failed attempt at the Dave and Busters parking lot in Toronto, one of our crew members suggested we try an indoor field. We looked around for a large enough area, going to school gyms and other indoor soccer and hockey fields. We finally decided on the Vaughan Sportsplex, which has an indoor double soccer field large enough to hold down all the tickets. 

During this time, we were communicating with Guinness about all the various rules and requirements including where this event could eventually take place considering the four-hour time limit. Once all was agreed upon, our crew met and began laying down the tickets. Two professional witnesses ensured that we were following the Guinness' booklet of rules and regulations. The land surveyor and his team measured as we laid down the tickets.

Placing the tickets without overlap wasn't simple, although thankfully, this time there was no wind to contend with. We were allowed to use clips but these, too, could not overlap. As you can see in the photos, the photographer (and videographer) had to provide photos at several angles and different distances. 

With the time-limit looming over our heads, we had to ensure all the tickets were laid down properly before the four o'clock deadline. We started at noon. We didn't take any breaks and preferred to complete the task in its entirety. We had each walked several kilometers up and down the large field and were beginning to feel it.

Guinness World Record Success

When we covered the double field with over 300,000 tickets, the land surveyor and his team, the two witness and the photographer and videographer wrapped up the final stretch of the required rules and regulations for the World Record.

After the four hour window had lapsed, it was time to clean up. Picking up all the tickets was no easy feat considering that most of the crew members had left. The Vaughan Sportsplex had an upcoming soccer game and we had to move quickly to remove all the tickets and place them in garbage bags. Dave and Busters wanted them back and when we piled them into our SUV, there was nowhere to sit. They had taken up all the space. We had to get the numerous garbage bags into a van and I drove them to Dave and Busters that evening. 

Several weeks after submitting the documentation from the witnesses and the land surveyor, as well as the four hour videos and photographs,  I received the Guinness World Record certificate in the mail.

Featured In:

Dark Joseph Ravine's Guinness World Record was featured in Mashed. The record helped benefit both himself and Dave and Buster's Canada. Dave and Buster's helped by providing the tickets required to complete this goal since they had already changed their ticketing system to digital. Dark Joseph Ravine is grateful to them and all those who were involved in the process.