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The Dark Joseph Ravine Show is an in studio interview format show hosted by high profile Canadian influencer and author, Dark Joseph Ravine. Ravine interviews changemakers at Channel 1 studio (GoliveCH1) in North York, Ontario. His guests are big names in entertainment, politics, the arts and business - but they all have one thing in common. Like Ravine himself, his guests are known for making a difference in the world. Ravine, who says he is always open to hearing from real people, is passionate about elevating inspirational stories - and helping people believe in themselves, find hope, and ultimately live better lives. The show debuted on YouTube for it's first season, but Ravine is open to conversation about potential distribution on traditional TV, Roku, or streaming services for future seasons. - IMDb

Episode 1: Tracy Lamourie

Episode 2: Laura Smith MPP


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