How to Build Relationships with Social Media Influencers: A Discussion

One of the most effective social media marketing strategies is influencer marketing. This is because no advertising is as powerful as word of mouth. Once you have identified a potential influencer you would like to work with whose influence could prove promising to your brand or business, you need to take the right steps to solidify your partnership. Read on to learn valuable tips and tricks in building strong relationships with social media influencers. 

Know Your Influencer’s Audience 

Researching and finding out more information about the audience of the influencer is critical in deciding if your brand or business fits with the goals and visions of the influencer. Influencer marketing is not about purchasing ad space, but influencer-brand partnership must feel right and be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. A great way of knowing if the influencer in question is a fit for your brand is looking at the group of people who are engaging with their content and analyze the influencer’s demographics to find out who they are attracting. This information can also help you learn about the audience you are appealing to. 

Once you are confident you have identified the right influencer and audience, you can create a personalized message that appeals to the influencer and their following. Keeping in mind the needs of the influencer and their following will make your social media marketing campaign much more effective. It is important to remember that most influencers prioritize their audience’s interests over everything else and will not engage in a partnership that comes off as unauthentic. 

Define Your Expectations Clearly

Influencers, especially prominent ones, are approached by other brands quite frequently. To build a strong, successful partnership, it is imperative that you be clear about your expectations from the onset. Ask the influencer what kind of relationship they are anticipating with their partners. After all, advertising is meant to be mutually beneficial for everyone. Be sure to leave the lines of communication open and be willing to compromise if the need arises. 

Once both sides agree to the campaign terms, it is time to iron out campaign details. You can do so by implementing the following recommendations: 

• Be sure to let the influencer know how many content pieces you expect and how you plan to use content produced by the influencer. 

• Be clear on which call-to-actions you want the influencer to use. 

• Define your captions or campaign tags. 

• Do not forget to set up an FTC disclosure, which provides the influence’s audience with full disclosure.

Keeping communication lines clear with the influencer will ensure your social media marketing success.

Keep the Influencer Updated

Before you even reach out to a potential influencer, you must set your brand or business’ goals and objectives. Outline the goals you would like to achieve through your campaign so you can better plan for marketing success. Your outlined goals and expectations will help an influencer refine an approach. A great way to open conversation with an influencer is by requesting partnership with them to spread awareness of shared goals. 

Once your partnership is solidified, be sure to reach out to the influencer and provide positive feedback if the influencer’s efforts on your behalf are successful. If one of the customized promos the influencer created for you is doing well, be sure to share the results. This will let the influencer know the influencer’s work is having a positive impact on your brand or business and provide the influencer with the impetus to continue working for you. 

If a campaign is not gaining any momentum, it is best to point it out to the influencer early so the appropriate changes can be made and the campaign can be saved. Always point the influencer in the right direction and do not leave anyone in the dark. It is important is that you keep the social media Influencer in the loop. 

Bottom Line

Building a relationship with the right social media influencer is not easy. If you communicate your goals and expectations to the influencer from the get-go, you can ensure that both of you are on the same page. If you and a certain influencer hit it off and are a fit, this can translate into your content being viewed by larger audiences and higher profits in sales. If you would like to build a close relationship with an influencer, the goal is to ensure that both you and the influencer benefit in this partnership. You will then be on your way to a long-term, mutually satisfying relationship. 

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