Five Steps to Starting Your Instagram Journey

Do you plan on making your mark in the world of Instagram? It can be tough to get noticed on a platform of millions of users, many who offer quality content. But the good news is you do not need a large following to be successful with Instagram. Reflect on the following ideas and strategies shared in this article before you put the finishing touches on your Instagram account. The strategies shared here may effectively leverage your account presence, following, and even potential sales. Your Instagram journey is about to begin. 

1. Select your Niche

Picking a niche is the first step to beginning your Instagram journey. Identifying a niche will set your content apart from its competitors and ensure that your content is reaching its intended audience. A niche can help you decide what kind of content you are going to create and which Instagram hashtags you will use to promote your brand or business. Knowing where your brand or business fits in within the social media world will also identify which Instagram communities you should become a part of. 

2. Plan a Strategy for Your Content

Building a content strategy is vital in establishing your Instagram presence. An effective content strategy focuses on knowing where your strong marketing points are but simultaneously brings to light your weak marketing points. Once you have identified where your marketing plan is weak, you can then plan to adjust it. Creating a content strategy and marketing plan for Instagram is imperative. This will ensure the success of your brand or business.

One important strategy to use is posting often. Should you only post sporadically, your audience will likely tire of your content and unfollow you. Aim to deliver unique, engaging, and interesting content on your Instagram account. You can also draw inspiration from other peoples’ Instagram posts as these can become a foundation for your own inspirational posts. 

One of the best ways to craft beautiful images for your Instagram content is to invest in image editing tools such as VSCO or Adobe Photoshop, which can take your photos to the next level. Remember, content must be visually appealing to draw in the intended audience. Building creative content for your Instagram account can be challenging, but the long-term rewards you will reap from them are worth it.

3. Connect with Other Instagram Users

If you are just beginning your Instagram journey and are looking to promote your brand, you must take small strides toward building up your online presence. An effective tactic for self-promotion is to engage with other like-minded users or users who post similar content. Connect with users and be sure to follow them if their content can be helpful to your brand or business. Many industry partnerships have been cultivated this way and you never know who may end up being promotionally indispensable to your brand or business. Establishing your online presence with quality engagement and content will undoubtedly attract followers, some of which may already be creating splendid content which features your product or service. Enlist the help of followers for brand or business promotion on Instagram by holding contests or featuring the content of your fans on your main page. Brainstorm ideas to see how they can work with your brand or business in a way that is beneficial for both parties.  

That said, it is important to steer clear from robotic interactions. No one wants to converse with automated messages. Personalization is key. Remember, your followers should relate to your brand or business in a very genuine and authentic way. Cultivating a real connection with your followers will accomplish this. Hence, it is recommended, you keep away from using robotic replies wherever possible.

4. Make Use of Branded Hashtags

An effective way to market your brand or business without sounding exceedingly promotional is by using branded Instagram hashtags. Branded hashtags established your brand identity and set you apart from your competition. Branded hashtags are also designed to engage in themes with your audience. These hashtags can be used to promote a campaign or to collect user-generated content (UGC). 

That said, it is important that your hashtag be engaging, unique, and memorable. Encouraging your Instagram followers to use your branded hashtags in their stories and posts will help your brand or business reach a wider-viewing audience. Furthermore, to know how well your hashtags are performing, be sure to run Instagram Hashtag Analytics. These analytics will also let you see if your chosen keywords are resonating with your audience on Instagram.  

5. Creating a Community

Establishing an Instagram presence does not only mean making frequent postings and getting the right followers to engage with you. But rather, your focus should be on creating a sense of community among those who follow you on your account by posting meaningful content that will resonate with your followers, replying  to their comments, and asking thought-provoking questions in your Instagram captions. Creating as much engagement as possible as well as a sense of community over shared visions and goals will go a long way in building your Instagram following and community.


Following these five steps will help you jumpstart your Instagram journey today. Finding your niche and using branded hashtags can help you target the right audience. Planning a content strategy will identify the areas which are strong and the areas which need adjustment. Connecting with other like-minded Instagram users can also help boost your own follower count while simultaneously cultivating a sense of community amongst your followers. Your Instagram page is on the road to success!

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