Instagram Advertising Costs

Advertising is an additional expense for businesses; however, it helps a business expand both in size and efficiency. One of the most famous and cost-effective ways of advertising is advertising on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that people from all over the world use to share their experiences through photos. Now, brands rely on them to advertise their services and products. Advertising is generally costly, but how much does Instagram advertising cost? To find this out, read this article further down.

Instagram Advertising Cost

Instagram advertising costs associate with the cost per click (CPC) method. On average, each Instagram cost per click costs around $0.50-$1.00. However, the CPC has increased over time; according to a report, while analyzing the costs of Instagram advertisements during 2017, the average cost per click was $0.80. Hence the cost gradually increases by a small percentage every year as Instagram grows.

Factors That Determine Your Instagram Advertising Cost

There are a few factors that differentiate the price of your Instagram ad. Every advertisement on Instagram does not cost the same. So go through the factors below before you make a final decision about advertising on Instagram.

1. How Relevant your Ad is on Instagram

Instagram adds a relevance score to each advertisement that determines how relevant the advertisement is to the people on Instagram and your specific target market. The higher your advertisement's relevance score is, the more your cost per click tends to increase.

2. Bidding Amount 

Another factor that determines the cost of your Instagram advertisement is the amount you are willing to bid on your Instagram campaign.

3. How Compelling Your Ads Are?

Instagram also takes into account the audience’s reaction to your advertisement. This means they see how compelled and willing people are actually to use your service or product. The more compelling your ad is, the higher the estimation of your ads.

4. Quality of your Advertisement

Quality is one of the most important factors that determine the cost of your advertisement. If your Instagram campaign is engaging and clear to Instagram users, your advertisement will have a much larger effect on the users. The more unique and compelling your ad is, the more likes you will get.


As you are now aware of the CPC method, remember that you are not only incurring a cost while advertising on Instagram but are achieving something even greater: the growth of your business or particular service, which is the main goal of your campaign.

The CPC is a hit-and-miss method that can be avoided by using a trusted influencer. If an influencer backs your account or brand, chances are so will his or her followers. 

At Unique Secrets Advertising, costs are flexible and based on your budget.

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