Instagram Giveaways

Instagram giveaways are a major marketing addition. They’ve helped people obtain more followers.

Every year, due to the growing popularity of Instagram, you will see many new Instagram marketing trends that have been and are a great help to businesses that are trying to bring up their Instagram profile. 

Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to avail themselves of a free giveaway, especially if it includes exciting products, such as electronics. Whether the giveaway comes in the form of a tangible or intangible product, your followers will try their best to win it even if it means sharing your Instagram profile with others.

Instagram Giveaways as Incentives

1.  Choosing the Giveaway

First USA chooses a prize will be included in the giveaway with its advertisers. For example, if you’ve launched a new product, you can include that in your giveaway or if you’ve collaborated with another brand or shop, you can give your potential followers the promo code to purchase discounted products from them.

2.      Criteria for Winning the Giveaway 

There are many ways your followers can enter the contest. For example, we can ask them to follow you, tag at least three friends who should be following you and then post the giveaway post on their story by tagging them. This is one of the easiest criteria most of your followers will be willing to do, and it will also help boost your followers as people will be tagging their friends and sharing it on their stories. It is strongly recommended that if you do this marketing tactic, you also tell the giveaway entrants to engage with the most recent post of the person/people they need to follow so that they can get to know them and their content.

3.      Decide the Timeframe of the Giveaway

USA and its team will decide how much time to give followers to enter the giveaway. All giveaway marketers can choose to keep it open for as long as they want. However, it is advisable to keep it no longer than a week.

4.      Post the Giveaway

Once all the details mentioned above are decided, an Instagram post is created for your giveaway and it will be posted on your story and feed. 

5.      Shortlist

After the giveaway has ended, start tallying and shortlist the winner. You can choose to have more than one winner.

6.      Announce Winner

Once you’ve selected the winner, you can choose to inform them through direct message, or you can post their name on your Instagram story.

7. A Downside but a Way to Work Around It

Even though a lot of people will unfollow after a giveaway has ended, it is important to post good content and keep your new followers engage because that way there is more of a chance they will stay followed to you. This is why we recommend to Instagram marketing experts to say engage with the most recent post so that they know who specifically they are following and can decide if they like their content or not.

Instagram giveaways help your business achieve brand recognition. This way, your followers will have a strong connection with you and your brand. Gradually, your follower count will start to increase. So don’t miss out on the opportunity of using Instagram giveaways to boost your following.

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